Conquering Stress…It Can Be Done!

Tips on How to be More Productive

stressed pic

Ever felt like this before?

Stress is inevitable in any industry. The more you add to your plate, the harder it is to feel like you are accomplishing projects to the best of your ability.

From time to time we find ourselves overworked, overstressed and ready to give up. But what makes us hold on and keep trying? PERSEVERANCE and the overwhelming joy that comes when you WIN!

Today I want to share with you some practical tips I used to hear about all the time and it wasn’t until I actually started doing them that I realized what a difference they make in helping you be more PRODUCTIVE!


This is the most difficult thing to do when you are a work hog. Trust me, even though someone else may not do the job with the same care and enthusiasm as you do, there are small tasks you do on a day to day basis that consume time and energy from you so STOP DOING THEM YOURSELF and let someone else do it! If you have a small office, find help from the outside. Interns are great at providing help with small tasks like phone calls, emails, calendar updates, social media posts, etc.

2. Get Out and Smell the Roses

I am guilty of getting so caught up in daily meetings and projects that I don’t event get out for lunch or fresh air. This is something I continue to struggle with, but I have made a commitment to get better at it. You need to get out and clear your mind more often to allow ideas to flow and to find solutions with a clear head. Take a walk, go for a drive or find a quiet place to stop and think. I never understood why someone would want to go out to lunch and sit by themselves until I did it one day. It was the best hour of my day and the most productive!

3. The Famous “To Do” List

This is not new, but I will always swear by it because it helps me stay on track. With juggling so many projects at once, if I didn’t use a list of things I need to do with notes on projects and reminders, I would forget things all the time. I hate to say it but every year that goes by, I find my memory becoming more and more fuzzy so my TO DO list is my bible!

These are just a few tips that work for me everyday. Here is a great article that also gives tips on how to stop wasting time and be more productive:

Work Smarter and not Harder!

-Sofia Valenzuela, CEO, Tracy Chamber,

P.S. Check back next week where I’ll share business secrets from a local business owner who found success through the stroke of a brush!!!