How To Setup Your Instagram Account For Success

Yes, You Should Be Using Instagram


Because 300 million others are. A lot of them could likely be your customers or new leads.

Because it’s a fantastic and easy way to be build your brand.

Because that elusive Millennial demographic loves using it.

Because it’s fun.

Complete Your Profile

There are six easy steps to having a complete profile.

#1 Relevant Profile Pic

This can be anything. But if you’re marketing a business I recommend this profile picture either be the face of business or the business itself (or its logo).

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t use blurry photos
  • Use a filter that makes your photo look better (unless you’re going for the whole irony thing)
  • Use a photo that accurately displays your brand image

#2 Name

Entering your name helps your community find you. Whether that be your friends, customers, or leads, you want them to be able to find your account so that they can follow you and stay updated with your business.

#3 Username

Ideally you’d should use the name of your business, but having a lot of users means that most of the more common names and a few of their variations have been taken already. So this could be an opportunity to show off your creative side.

#4 Website

Don’t forget to have your account connected to your website. Remember, the purpose of building a following on any social media platform is to eventually send them to your website.

#5 Bio

Your bio should be about the length of a tweet (140 characters). You shouldn’t spend too much time crafting this. You just want to let people know who they’re following and why they should follow you. And if you’re on the creative side this another great opportunity to let that shine through.

Start Sharing

If you’re by yourself, take a selfie. If you’re with a crowd, take a group selfie. If you’re somewhere interesting, share that. You just want to make sure you start getting pictures up on your profile so that anyone looking at your profile knows you have an active account.

In this day and age where we have these amazing cameras on our phones it’s easier now than ever to share our lives with our customers and friends to build stronger connections. And the cool thing about Instagram is that they allow you to cross post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Making Instagram a fantastic way to easily create original content that get’s a lot of engagement without taking a ton of time to create and manage. You also get to make your other social media accounts more active.

So what do you think? Are you skeptical about Instagram? Do you think it could help your business?