Intro To Our New Blog Series: Focus and Mastery: Facebook and Millennials

Listen – Connect – Share

Happy New Year Tracy!

The holidays are a great time to relax, refresh, and rejuvinate yourself after year’s worth of hard work and before starting your best year ever.

2015 is going to be a beautiful year that will open up our eyes to the endless posibilities and opportunities surrounding us.

But with so many paths set before us, how do we know which is the Right Path? How do we figure out where we need to go?


If I haven’t mentioned this already, I’m big on reflections. Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to learning why we think, say, and do the things that we do. And then improve. Think about it for moment: don’t we need to know where we started and where we are now before we can figure out where we need to go?

This sort of reflection can (and should) be done in relation to our customers. As business owners we’re all guilty of thinking we know what our customers want (and we’re probably right) but people, places, and things change. So it’s important that we routinely ask ourselves the question: How can I improve my customer’s experiece?

I’ll use this blog as an example. This blog as the business and you -the reader- as my customer.

When I started writing for the Chamber my goal was to produce written content meant to be a general overview of how you can use social media to improve your business. Based on feedback I’ve received and my own personal observations, I think I’ve been accomplishing this goal. But I knew I could do more. Which is why I specifically set aside time to think about how I could improve the value of these blog posts.

Do I write longer posts?

Should I write about more topics?

Would writing more often be better?

I found the answer to all my questions in two words: Focus and Mastery.


Let’s talk about focus first.

A general overview of social media was helpful. It got our feet wet in world that’s entirely new to all of us. If we’re not familiar, we’ve at least heard of the major social networks, some of the metrics of success, and vaguely understand how money spent on social media translates into money in your pocket.

Now I believe we’re ready to take it a step further by focusing on one social network: Facebook. I believe this the “Right Path” for us to take as Tracy business owners looking for the most efficient, effective, and effortless way to grow our business.

Why? Because Facebook is the hub. It’s where everyone is. Don’t let whatever you’ve heard about “Millennials aren’t using Facebook anymore” scare you. It’s true we’re not as active as we once were. Preferring to post our pictures on Instagram and message our friends with Snapchat instead, but it doesn’t mean we’re not using Facebook. It just means we’re not using it as much and when we do we’re using it differently.

“Wait, who are the Millennials? Why are they important?”

“If they’re using Facebook less, why should I use it more?

“How are they using it differently? How should I be using it?”

I think we’ve all noticed the generational gap caused by the exponential rate at which technology developing. For this reason it’s important to start with a common denominator. That happens to be Facebook. As Millennials have been using the social network less and less, Baby Boomers (or Gen X) have been using it more and more. Because of this the playing field is being leveled.

Whereas a couple years ago it was unlikely parents would know to use Facebook better than their children, now we’ve entered an era where there’s a solid chance parents know how to use Facebook just as well. But there’s a next level: Mastery.


As technology and it’s uses have grown we’ve grown with it, but we haven’t mastered it. We know how to: like a post, send a picture, and maybe even create a hashtag, but that doesn’t mean we know how to: build relationships, collaborate as a team, and launch marketing campaigns. That all requires mastery.

The truth is that to master social media we don’t need to be a social marketer to do those things. What we need is a strategy. And that strategy as it turns out is actually fairly simple: Listen, Connect, Share.

That’s not to say there won’t be a lot of hard work involved, but it’s not like we’re learning rocket science. And since this is ultimately about learning how to socialize, it should be fun 🙂

So Here’s The Game Plan

This is the launch of a new blog series called, Focus and Mastery: Facebook and Millennials.

Though this series will largely focus on applications for business, many of the topics will be applicable towards life and any area of online media.

We’re going to be increasing the amount of content we deliver and the frequency. To do that we’re inviting anyone who’s interested in becoming a contributor to this blog to contact either me (@ or Sofia (@ to find out more.

I hope you’re as excited as I am for what 2015 has to bring. Until next time,

Stay Awesome,

– Matt