Intro To Social Media

This is going to be an intro post to my series on how to get started with social media if you’ve never seriously used it before. This first post is going to be about social media in general and then we’ll really start to dive into it in the coming weeks.

Let’s get started!

Who Uses Social Media?

In 2014 just about everyone uses social media. Teens, millennials, parents, grandparents, small businesses, big businesses, non-profits, etc. Just about every demographic is represented somewhere on at least one of the social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), which means that more importantly your customers likely use social media.


What Is Social Media?

Social media is plain and simple just a communication platform. And for businesses it offers a great opportunity as a tool to connect and engage with your customers to build a stronger relationship that results in more loyalty and more sales.

When Should I Use Social Media?

Well, that really depends on when your customers are online and that’s going to take more than a little observation on your end. If you’re tech savvy, dive into analytics tools. If you’re not, find someone who is as soon as you can and have them help you. If you’re on the latter end of that a good place to start is early morning right as people are waking up (7am-9am), around the time people are taking their lunch breaks (11am-2pm), just after work and about the same time as dinner (4pm-6pm), and right before bed (9pm-10pm).

Where Should I Use Social Media?

Anywhere. That’s the beauty of social media. You can connect with your customers anywhere. Either at the shop, on the road, or at your next tradeshow/conference.

Why Should I Use Social Media?

Do you care about increasing sales? Social media will help you do that. Do you care about improving your customer support and experience? Social media will do that. Do you care about expanding your target market and growing your business? Social media will do that.

Social media will do a lot of things, but the bottom line is that done right, social media is good for business.

How Should I Use Social Media?

We’ll get into best practices and the “recipe” for a good post later, but for now (and later!) use the same way you’d interact with a person as if they’d physically walked in to your business. Use social media as just another way to connect with your customer, build a relationship, and make them love you.

That’s all for this week and I can’t wait to get a lot more in-depth. My goal is to make each one of my posts actionable. Meaning: every post will have a either a tip or a homework assignment that you can start doing now to help your business. So let me know what ya’ll are struggling with or seems complicated and I’ll do my best to get that sorted out for you 🙂