Music to My Ears

Universal Love For Mariachi Music

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for mariachi music. Growing up, I was first introduced to this genre by my grandparents who were great fans of mariachi legends such as Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Jorge Negrete, Antonio Aguilar, Vicente Fernandez, and many others. I have always found this type of music nostalgic, calming, and there is a sense of pride derived from the lyrics that make me proud of my Mexican heritage.

I was not born in Mexico, nor have I visited the country, but my connection to my roots stems through the stories and traditions that have been passed down to me by my parents and grandparents who are natives from Mexico. Mariachi music to me is the catalyst that brings people of all cultures together to share the love for a unique, and powerful sound that leaves people breathless and that brings peace and tranquility to ones soul.

The Chamber was approached 3 years ago by fellow Chamber members who were passionate about bringing a mariachi concert to the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts. After many meetings and discussions, the Chamber agreed to coordinate this event as a fundraiser for the organization, and an opportunity to showcase the Grand Theatre. The City of Tracy graciously co-presented the Mariachi concert and to this day, continues to support the event. In the fall of 2013, the Chamber in conjunction with the City of Tracy hosted the first annual Mariachi Concert featuring Grammy award winning mariachi, Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez. The concert was a sell out; the first concert to sell out at the Grand Theatre in 3 years. After being involved in the planning and execution of the event, what surprised me the most was not the fact that the concert was a sell out; I was as confident as our committee that it would; what blew me away was observing the diverse crowd at the Grand Theatre the night of the event. The Grand was filled with people of various backgrounds who spoke English and Spanish. Mariachi music is not only for Hispanics, or Mexicans. Mariachi music is universal and I personally witnessed this phenomenon the night of our Mariachi concert.

Mariachi Concert

Today, I wish to invite you to join us for the 3rd Annual Mariachi Concert on Saturday, October 17th. This year we have a special treat in store for Tracy! For the first time ever, the Tracy Chamber and City of Tracy will bring to Northern California the First Ladies of Mariachi, Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles, an all female mariachi. Whether you already are a fan of mariachi music or you have not yet discovered the art and magic it possesses, I invite you to at least give it a chance and come hear for yourself how Mariachi music can liven a room such as the Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis Theatre at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts. We anticipate this concert will sell out at 584 seats and we are looking forward to bringing to Tracy a culturally dynamic ensemble that is guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and cry in a good way.

First ladies of mariachi

I will be there on October 17th, sitting beside my grandparents and parents hoping to hear my favorite songs, “Amor Eterno,” “Volver,” and many others that bring beautiful childhood memories that I will forever cherish. I hope you will join me in celebrating a night of culture and diversity where for a couple of hours we all become fully immersed and hypnotized by the beauty of Mariachi music!

Want a sneak peak of what you can look forward to that night? Watch one of Mariachi Reyna’s videos and hear their undeniable talent: Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles.

-Sofia Valenzuela, CEO, Tracy Chamber of Commerce