[Part 4] 1000 Likes. 60 Days. 8 Simple Steps

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

As soon as our first post goes out our real work begins. Let’s begin to think of social media as is if we were hosting a party. Steps 1 and 2 are the “What kind of party am I throwing and who am I inviting?” stages. Steps 3, 4, and 5 are the  “What should I put on my grocery list, which grocery stores do I use, and when am I going shopping?” stages. Step 6 is the actual getting ready for the party: cleaning, cooking, decorating, etc.

Now think of step 7 and 8 as the actual event. That’s what today’s blog post is about: how to host your party and make it better.


Step 7 – Monitor and Engage

This is the host for your party stage. Once your first post goes out, immediately throw yourself into host mode just as you would at a party. Here are a couple ideas to help with that.

  1. Ask your audience to engage with you. You can do this simply by adding “Please share this post” or “Leave your thoughts in the comments”. You’d be surprised, but just adding these simple phrases goes a long way towards getting your audience to engage with you.
  2. Not all comments warrant a response but you should be monitoring all the comments you receive on your posts to be sure that questions aren’t going unanswered (that’s like a guest at your party asking where the bathroom is and you ignoring them, don’t do that). If you’re interacting with your audience consistently that will make you and your brand more trustworthy and approachable. Two major factors in driving engagement.

Here’s a basic idea of how Facebook’s news feed algorithm works: # of likes, plus the # of comments times how fast comments are being made, plus the # of shares your post get. Do all of these things and Facebook will bump your post up in the news feed and keep it up longer.

Step 8 – Analyze and Review

To me this is the fun part. Our results. This is like the day after the party where you start finding out how much people liked your party (or didn’t, but I’m positive that won’t happen to us!).

To do this you’ll need to hop into your Facebook insights. But what should you be looking at?

  • Reach: Which of your posts are being seen by the most people?
  • Engagement: Which post got the most likes? The most shares? How about the most comments? Were the comments positive? What types of posts were they?
  • People: Under the “people” tab of your insights Facebook will let you know who engaged with your post the most. Whether that’s men 18-24, women 25-44, or men and women 65+ is all valuable information.

The point of this analysis is to remind ourselves to be in a growth mindset. If we hit our goal then let’s take the appropriate amount of time to celebrate and make a new goal. If not then let’s find out why we didn’t hit our goal and look for ways to improve for next time: were we using the right posts but sending them to the wrong people, or did we reach the right people but sent the wrong posts?


Well, we’ve come at last to the end of this series. If this series was in any way helpful to you let me know. If it wasn’t, also let me know. Help me use the growth mindset to continue to improve and provide greater value to you.

Matt Higa is the founder and CEO of Pineapple Empire. A creative agency focusing on helping entrepreneurs and startups build, grow, and conquer. Follow us on Instagram for a daily dose of motivation and inspiration @getpineapple.