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The Hire Me First initially began through the TIEP (Tracy Industry Education Partnership) which was started in 1995 to motivate and provide comprehensive training for all 11th and 12th grade students to provide a competitive work force. The Hire Me First Program is continuing to develop and implement programs in Tracy schools such as: Interview workshops, career exploration workshop, work ethic workshops, internships and Hire Me First Certifications.

Through these school-to-career programs, students:

  • Develop employment communication skills and work ethic
  • Expand their career horizons through job exploration
  • Experience real-time academic and/or vocational training and internships

Hire Me First has continued an open dialogue between employers and educators on coordinating related curriculum to universal employment requirements. School administrators, teachers, parents, business leaders and employees are working together to integrate school-based and work-based learning through programs. A goal is to implement this training and hands-on experience in the middle and elementary schools as well.

The Certificate Program is a two year program designed to provide students with tangible proof of specific demonstrated competencies through their own efforts to prepare for employment. Examples of some requirements include on-time class attendance, computer literacy, oral and written communications skills, job shadowing and internship and Total Quality Management activities.

Job Shadowing

The Job Shadowing Program provides students with hands-on job-site visits relaying fundamental knowledge of the job tasks. This integration of learning experiences involving students with employers encourages students to make more informed decisions about career choices. It also provides motivation through the learning process.

Contact Information

For more information on the Hire Me First program visit the website at or contact the Program Coordinator, Alyssa Mupo at  at 209-835-2131

Partners of the Hire Me First Program

Business Sponsors of the Hire Me First Program

The Hire Me First Program is currently seeking Business Sponsorships for the 2018-2019 School Year! If your business is interested in supporting local youth through the Hire Me First Program please see our sponsorship request here! HMF Sponsorship