2015 Report: State of Business in Tracy

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Educational Resources

What In the World is a Hashtag?

From Zero To Hashtag Hero Do you know what a hashtag is? Do you know where hashtags came from? Or how about most importantly, how can you use hashtags to promote your business? Get ready to find out and launch a great holiday hashtag campaign! #HashtagHistory The hashtag (or pound sign) has been around for…

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Intro To Social Media

This is going to be an intro post to my series on how to get started with social media if you’ve never seriously used it before. This first post is going to be about social media in general and then we’ll really start to dive into it in the coming weeks. Let’s get started! Who…

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Success One Paint Stroke at a Time

Interview with Cliff Hudson, Fresh Coat Painters Business Secrets & Insights  The best, most effective to way to learn is by making mistakes. The most brilliant inventions that exist today were invented by mistake such as penicillin. (Read about them here http://bit.ly/1yMPc8y). Today I interview local business owner, Cliff Hudson to find out how his…

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Conquering Stress…It Can Be Done!

Tips on How to be More Productive Ever felt like this before? Stress is inevitable in any industry. The more you add to your plate, the harder it is to feel like you are accomplishing projects to the best of your ability. From time to time we find ourselves overworked, overstressed and ready to give…

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