Tracy’s Advantage is Location, Location, Location!

tracy triangle

According to the recent results from our 2016 Business Walk, businesses are saying that the #1 advantage to doing business in Tracy is its geographical location. We have all heard about the “Tracy Triangle” which   describes the access to three major freeways,  I-5, I-205 and 580  with the City of Tracy sitting in the middle almost as  a perfect triangle around the freeways. While recent studies have validated the regional appeal Tracy has among its counterparts because of the nature of its location, the Chamber Business Walk confirmed the Tracy business community also describes Tracy’s location as appealing and was mentioned as the # 1 advantage for operating a business in Tracy.

During the Business Walk we also asked businesses what they felt were disadvantages of operating a business in Tracy and the top 3 responses received were the following:

*Tracy is a commuter City

*Not enough reasonably priced office space

*No disadvantages

Other answers received in this area for disadvantages include finding qualified employees, the perception that Tracy is affordable hurts businesses, and there are too many restrictions for businesses.

The last question was in regards to business concerns and how they are impacting business. Here are some of the responses we received:

*Keeping up with the City’s growth

*Too many regulations local, state, and federally

*Not enough local work

*Crime during night and increase in homelessness

*Too many restaurants opening

*Insurance reimbursements

*Cannot compete with bay area/over the hill wage for employees

During the Business Walk, the Chamber visited 40 business owners and for the most part, they had positive things to say about the current business climate. The Tracy business community is looking forward to the opportunities that a growing City can bring. Common concerns included overcoming the challenges that come with operating a business where a majority of its residents commute out of town for work. Other business concerns that were expressed included keeping up with the City’s current and future growth. Businesses understand the importance of being “ready” for Tracy’s growth and planning ahead to prepare for the influx of new residents is critical.

Thank you to all the businesses who participated in our Business Walk!

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